10 CV Writing Basics

Empty 16 November 2020

  1. ​An overview or summary at the top of the first page

  2. Focus on the last 5-10 years - anything later than this try to keep to 1 line outlining the company you worked for, your role and dates of employment

  3. Try to keep your CV to 2 pages if possible

  4. A clear flow with title headers and marked sections supported by bullets - don’t use block text

  5. Focus on your achievements to demonstrate the impact you made – try to avoid listing out responsibilities

  6. Take time to read and understand the job description and tailor your CV utilising the relevant keywords mentioned

  7. Craft a personalised cover letter matching your expertise to the requirements

  8. Always remember the CV hotspot – the upper middle area of the first page is where the recruiter's eye will naturally fall, so make sure you include your most important information there

  9. Make the most of the interests and hobbies section

  10. Lastly, check several times for spelling mistakes, incorrect dates, wrong contact details etc

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