Meet the Team: Mollie McIntosh

Empty 03 June 2021

Welcome to our Meet the Team series! First up, we have Mollie McIntosh, our wonderful tech recruiter.

Hi Mollie, thanks for talking to us today! To kick us off, could you tell us about your Role at WSH?

Of course! So, I’m a tech recruiter at WSH. I recruit for roles ranging from senior to junior developers, spanning the whole tech industry. Most of the roles that I fill are in the London and Manchester area, as that is where the majority of my network is situated. But, I’m always looking to grow my network in any location!

I do a lot of my meetings face-to-face, and a ton over LinkedIn. But obviously due to the pandemic  a huge amount of my work is done over the phone, so I’m always looking to have conversations with anyone in my network, no matter where they are.

That sounds great! Tech is a really fast-paced market, as a lot of people know. How do you find you keep up to date with the latest trends and news from the sector?

It’s really important to take note of those trends and any news - I need to be right on top of it! So, I try to maintain up to date knowledge on my market through LinkedIn reading articles and speaking to candidates directly to build a strong market knowledge. 

On the other hand, speaking to clients provides a good feel for the market.

At the minute, a lot more clients are hiring, and not as many candidates are looking to move, but the ones who are moving are getting big counter offers.

There’s lots of conversation at the minute around the ‘war for talent’ - are you seeing high-demand for candidates in any particular areas?

Yes, definitely. Mobile developers are popular, with the big trend of companies launching apps. So that is where we are seeing a big push in recruitment.

Exciting! It definitely sounds like you’ve got your finger on the pulse. So, where did you build up your knowledge and experience?

I went to Northumbria University and did my placement year in recruitment, and managed to work there part time in my final year of university. I then moved down south and met Simon, who then offered me a job, and I’ve now been here at WSH for 2 years! 

Overall, I have almost 5 years of recruitment experience, I’ve always worked in tech recruitment and even spent some time recruiting in the South African market, where there are a lot more candidates and the market is totally different.

That must have been interesting! Recruitment is a really vast market with lots of different aspects - what would you say are some of your favourites? 

My favourite thing about working in recruitment is the people - I love learning about  their jobs and aspirations and I find it extremely gratifying finding someone a job that they are really happy with. It’s such a rewarding industry to be in. 

The market is also ever changing and I continue to enjoy learning more and more about it as I develop in my career.

Fantastic! So, outside of your recruitment life, what do you enjoy getting up to? 

I love the south coast, mainly Devon! So, I really enjoy getting down to the beaches there and going paddle boarding. I really like just relaxing and hanging out with my family and friends and enjoying the idyllic weather that the UK (sometimes!) has to offer.

If you’d like to learn more about Mollie, WSH Recruitment, and how we can help your business, please head to our website.

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