Top Tips for Recruiting in 2022

Empty 09 May 2022


Top Tips for Recruiting in 2022


Gone are the days when a company could post a job advert and be overrun with applicants. The average worker now is younger, savvier, and more discerning. They won’t take just any job and be thankful for the privilege of a payslip. You only have to look at the record number of job vacancies in the UK earlier this year to see that employers need to work harder and smarter to attract talent to their organisations.


Due to the continuing pandemic, people are re-evaluating what’s truly important. People have developed a new sense of self-awareness and worth in relation to the world around them. This is motivating them to demand more personal meaning and purpose from their lives and jobs.


Employers will need to adapt to this new normal if they want the best candidates. Here are some tips for recruiting in 2022.


Improve your company culture

Before you even begin the recruitment process, you have to make sure your company culture is attractive, not just to new employees but also current workers. A positive company culture means happy, productive staff who feel that by working at your organisation they have a purpose. When prospective candidates walk through your door, they should sense the positivity. It means a low employee turnover (after all, why would they ever want to leave?). It means recruitment without even placing an advert. Your employees are your best word-of-mouth, and if they’re not shouting from the rooftops that everyone should be working for you, ask yourself why.


Recruit from within

It’s a long and expensive process to recruit new people. You already have talented staff, so why not train them up? By investing in your current workers you’ll be training them for future success. They already know the company, product, and employees, so they’ll slot in to their new role much faster and more efficiently than an outside candidate.


Use your staff

You’ve got a great company culture and you’re investing in your employees’ futures, so trust them to recommend your next great hire. Create a referral programme to gain access to their vast networks of candidates. There might be fantastic people just waiting to be hired that aren’t actively looking for new companies.


Use a recruitment agency

If you’re a small business, finding the time and resources to fill a position is tough. In that case, it makes sense to trust recruitment experts. There are many great recruitment agencies out there that will quickly find the perfect candidate for you. WSH Recruitment sources the contract, interim and permanent professionals you need to grow your business. Our management team has more than 20 years of recruitment experience, meaning we know a thing or two about delivering excellent service.


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